In this project we are providing an institutional staking service also called the “one-click solution” service. We are providing from ETH staking to becoming a validator and running nodes, also providing and managing all infrastructure with automation.

In our services, we built a web application. This web application manages all Services like managing a fund, setup and registering SSV operator to SSV, Running an Ethereum validator, monitor all operator data and validator data and rewards.

We can say that majorly these three areas where we are working on.

1.) Ethereum Validator

  • Setup of ETH-1 node

  • Setup of Eth-2 node

  • Generate a validator key and store it in a safe place with one click.

  • Staking as a validator.

2.) Running Validator through SSV operator

  • Setup of 4 operator nodes

  • Register operator to SSV

  • Distribute validator Keys

  • Register Validator on SSV

  • Remove Operator Functionality

  • Update Operator fees Functionality.

3.) Managing Validator and SSV operator data in a single Dashboard

  • operator performance, Deposit, Withdrawal, No of Validator, No of the operator, their status, Rewards, and Balance, etc.

We provide all these facilities on our Coindelta’s Staking Platform also we are using AWS services to store user data and Validator Keys.

How to use SSV coindelta staking service.


  1. Use this URL https://beta-ssv.coindelta.io to login into the SSV condelta webpage.

The page looks like this after opening...

  1. After login user needs to connect the metamask wallet to use ssv coindela’s service. so click on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button.

The user is advised to use only one wallet address to connect with the account because it is used for all transactions through the ssv web application.

  1. After Connecting to Metamask wallet User will be redirected to the Dashboard page and the next step is to Deposit Some amount of SSV token in the Owner’s account.

Deposit SSV token in Owner's Account.

  • The user needs to approve the SSV token limit which is transferred to their account and for that user needs to provide a value in amount, click on Approve button and complete the transaction through metamask wallet.

  • After that user has to Click on the deposit button and provide a value in the amount that will be deposited in their account. (SSV token used to pay fees to SSV operator to do their duty.)

  1. Now the user needs to click on Funds then click the Create Fund button to create a fund and enter the amount and deposit it.

  1. Now user needs to Register their operator to ssv, and for that Click on Operator on the sidebar

  • On the operator page user registers 4 operators one by one.

  • For that click on the register button and then enter the details for the Operator name and Operator fee.

  • Repeat all these steps to register for the remaining 3 operators.

  1. After registering all four operators operator page look like this, it shows all details related to an operator like operator name, operator id, status, and validator.

7.)Now the next part is for Validator

In this part, the user can create validator keys, Deposit 32 ETH into the validator, and Register it with SSV.

  • For that Click on Validator on the sidebar.

  • Then Click on Generate Validators key and fill in details like select the fund which we had generated in step 4, no of validator and Password.

  • For the password, SSV Coindelta application provides strong password suggestions.

Tips-User advise to copy this password and store it in a safe place because it's used when the user wants to withdraw that amount which is staked on the Ethereum blockchain as a validator.

  • Click on Create keys and keys will be generated.

  1. Generated keys will look like this in the Validator section…

Now Click on the Proceed button...

  1. After Proceeding User needs to Click on Confirm deposit button and Complete the transaction for 32ETH through the wallet.

  1. After a successful transaction, the status is updated to Deposited. now the next step is to register this validator to SSV, For that Click on the Register button then click on the Run a Validator button and complete the transaction through the wallet.

  1. Now, Validator is registered to SSV. (Status will be Updated to Registered after a successful transaction.)

Bingo!! You have completed all steps and Your validator running Successfully.

  1. Now, you can see all your operator and validator data in Dashboard.

  • In the Dashboard, you can see SSV token balance, Operator performance, No of Validators, Validator Balance, and No of Operators its looks like this.

Steps for Operator Removal Process


  1. Go to the operator section and Click on the setting icon for the operator you want to update the fee or remove.

  1. Now, Click on the Remove operator.

3. Next, Click on Click on submit button then complete the transaction through the metamask wallet for operator removal and the Operator will be removed successfully.

Steps for Update Operator fee

Now, We are going to update the operator Fee, and for that repeat step 1 from the Remove Operator steps and Click on 'Update Fees'

  1. Enter a value to update in the Annual fees box and Click on 'Declare New Fees' then complete a transaction through your metamask.

  1. The next step is Click on Execute fees after finishing the 3 days waiting period and your operator Fee will be updated.

  • In SSV you can increase the fee only up to 10% over the Current fee of your SSV operator and after declaring a new fee user needs to wait for 3 days waiting period.

  • After completing the waiting period User needs to Execute the declared fee and then it will be updated.

Video demo of our Web application

Team Members

  1. Darshil Darji

  2. Anirudhdha Kulkarni

  3. Rahil Mansuri

  4. Sachidanand Shah

  5. Hemanshi Dhrangdhriya

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