How to Setup a Operator ?

Hardware Requirements

  • min 8 GB RAM

  • 20 GB storage

  • 4+ core CPU

  • Default ports are 12001 UDP and 13001 TCP, 9090TCP & 9390 TCP for prometheus & 3000 tcp for grafana

Operator Setup

Setup Ethereum 1 Node

Install Eth1 node from here and enable websocket.

Use Geth as your execution client. Erigon is still not recommended by SSV network.

Setup Ethereum 2 Node

ETH2 node client - Prysm from here.

Installation Script

sudo su

$ wget

chmod +x


Generate Operator Keys

docker run -d --name=ssv_node_op_key -it 'bloxstaking/ssv-node:latest' \
/go/bin/ssvnode generate-operator-keys && docker logs ssv_node_op_key --follow \
&& docker stop ssv_node_op_key && docker rm ssv_node_op_key

This will genrate 2 Keys Private key (Secret key) and Public key.

Please make sure to store and backup your operator secret key in a safe place. Do not share this key with anyone.

Create Configuration File

cd $HOME
nano config.yaml

Simply replace the value and copy and paste the following and save the file.

  Path: /ssv_storage/ssvDB
  Type: badger-db
  DiscoveryType: discv5
  TcpPort: 13001
  UdpPort: 12001 
  Network: prater
  BeaconNodeAddr: http://<consensus_client_ip>:3500
  ETH1Addr: ws://<execution_client_ip>:8545
OperatorPrivateKey: <Add_your_private_key>==
  LogLevel: debug
MetricsAPIPort: 15000

Start Node in Docker

Install Docker and run the following command

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --name=ssv_node -e \
CONFIG_PATH=./config.yaml -p 13001:13001 -p 12001:12001 -v \
$(pwd)/config.yaml:/config.yaml -v $(pwd):/data -it \
'bloxstaking/ssv-node:latest' make BUILD_PATH=/go/bin/ssvnode start-node \ 
&& docker logs ssv_node --follow

Update SSV Node Image

Look for the Latest Update in Community Discord Channel.

Kill running container and pull the latest image or a specific version.

$ docker rm -f ssv_node && docker pull bloxstaking/ssv-node:latest

and than again start node with docker.

Register Operator

  1. Open and click on join network

  2. Connect to your metamask wallet

  3. Next Join SSV Network Operators

  4. Click on Register operator

5. Enter the name for your Operator And also enter its Operator public key that we have generated before

6. Next is set the annual fees for your operator and perform an transaction with your metamask wallet

7. Your operator will be setup and we can view our operator on

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