How to add Validator to SSV ?


  1. Validator running on Beacon Chain

  2. KeyStore.json and the password to generate the keystore.json

  3. Get some SSV Test Tokens connected to your MetaMask Goerli TestNet Wallet

Do not import Validator if you have imported before in any other validator client to avoid slashing

Stake Eth using Eth launchpad

Run ETH TestNet Validator on SSV Network

  • Go to SSV application, connect the wallet, click Run validator and follow the screenshots:

  • Import Validator with your Keystore file

  • Upload keystore file from validator_keys folder:

  • Select โ€œCoindeltaโ€ as one of the Operators and choose other 3 by the step below:

  • Confirm the next steps:

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for confirmation:

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